Biocontrol Delivery Technology Development

There is a big difference between getting a pathogen to cause disease under laboratory conditions and creating an inoculum delivery system that can be used for effective biocontrol in the field.

bulk inoculum on carrierBFOD inoculum fermenter

           Bulk inoculum             Fermenter
              on carrier


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What it's about

What we did

What we found out

We have spent several years working on the technology for producing the pathogen in liquid culture, persuading it to sporulate on a solid carrier, and then testing this bulk inoculum in field inoculation trials.

We have been able to significantly reduce the density of the persistent cheatgrass seed bank using this bulk inoculum in every field trial, and in some cases we have achieved complete control. Our task now is to develop a lighter-weight carrier system with more concentrated inoculum, and to develop methods to maximize shelf life and minimize production costs, so that this biocontrol product can be commercially produced.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Susan Meyer
Co-PI's: Dr. Julie Beckstead, Dr. Phil Allen
Technical Support: Stephanie Carlson, Suzette Clement, Kedra Foote, Steven Harrison, Bettina Schultz
Students:  Kelly Bergen, Brian Connolly, Trevor Davis,Sandra Dooley, Heather Finch, Michael Huck, Katie Merrill, Keith Merrill, Lauren Miller, Thom Stewart, Laura Street

Thom inoculating in field experimentPhil spraying field experiment

Phil spraying              Thom inoculating in the field