Sequencing the Genome of Pyrenophora semeniperda


What it's about

Principal Investigator: Dr. Craig Coleman
Students:  Marcus Soliai, Dave Elzinga, Russ Hermanson

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Genomic research is a powerful tool for understanding pathogen biology. Once we sequence the genome, we can compare it with related organisms and identify genes known to have specific functions in the disease process.

What we did

What we found out

We have sequenced the genome of our pathogen using 454 pyrosequencing, and have annotated the genome sequence with information about similar genes in related organisms, especially the close relative P. tritici-repentis, which causes tan spot of wheat.  Here is the draft genome assembly for
P. semeniperda.

We have identified genes that regulate production of toxins important for disease development in seeds, and have also learned how sexual reproduction is controlled. This will help us to build a better biocontrol agent through selection and breeding.

Marcus SoliaiDave Elzinga, bioinformatics

Marcus pipetting

Dave crunching the numbers